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This Hottie Promotions program offers something you will not find "ANYWHERE ON THE NET PERIOD!" This program is for people that have no web building skills what so ever! Here is your opportunity to make a ton of money promoting your own website using all our content in our members area that updates 3 times a week. We will get the domain name and build the site for you all you have to do is promote your site and get paid weekly. .  The cash really rolls in when the customers renew their memberships month after month and you also earn 50% commissions for every renewal incurred by your site. We make Webmasters and wanna be webmasters big cash, paid weekly by an independent credit card processing company

$   How do I Participate in this Program? 

This is a  program that we started with a member of our website  in 2002. He was wheelchair bound and wanted to make some extra cash and asked Wild Bill if there was a way that he could promote our original site and make a few dollars. He knew nothing about web design, but was on the net 16 hours a day. Tracy came up with the idea of mirror sites, ..and Tom was in business with . Since then he has been making a great living promoting his site. We now have over 20 other websites featuring Tracy, all the sites use the same members area of  our original site. All you do is promote your personal domain name we get for you and we do all the rest. We take care of billing, renewals, site maintenance, and customer support.  We provide you with the banners to help promote the site.  You will receive a 50% commission on all signups and renewals incurred by your traffic.   You can even monitor your progress and income anytime, every day, online. 

$  What if I know how to build my own web site? 

Great! we love these type people, what we will do for you is give you access to all our photos and videos in members area you choose the promo photos and build your site the way you like. We have the final say on the design before your website in published, however you can probably do as well if not better then we can, after all we are Amateurs.

$   How do you pick the people that you work with?

We have been very lucky...We have people that LOVE Tracy and know that we update our website 3 times a week and have do so for over 3 years. We look for people men or women that spend a ton of time on the internet and want to get paid for it. Plus Tracy loves having people watch her videos, Live web cams, and look at her pictures.....a true exhibitionist at I do  all the web development, Tracy answers all the e-mail and you promote your site and get paid once a week!!! 

$   How do I get paid?

Your on time payment is assured through CCBILL (Credit Card Billing Company).  We use CCBILL exclusively to process our transactions, and that allows you as a partner to track your referral stats easily on line.  Payment checks are mailed directly from CCBILL to you every Monday

$   How do I get money from renewals? 

Every time a member has their any of the Hottie Promotion sites membership renew for another month CCBILL notes who referred the customer, and automatically pays a 50% commission  For as long as the customer stays a member, you will get your cash every month.  It is easy to see how huge payments can be yours month after month. 

$    How do I send Traffic to my website?

There are many methods to generating traffic and your creativity is encouraged. A lot of our people hang out in Chat rooms for sending there link out to there website......we have had people do cards, tells friends that Tracy is her crazy sister-in-law and even one of our women has a with Tracy's picture and web address. We have had people sit in Chat rooms and Play the Tracy Character.........although this seems to make Him a lot of sign ups as a matter of fact his site is one of our largest revenue producers......we don't suggest it however

$   How do I get started? 

If you would like to have a website of your own featuring Tracy please send us an e-mail at the link below and tell us a little about you and how you would promote the site. Also if you have a domain name in mind put that in the e-mail. Also give us a phone number and a time we cam reach you to discuss this money making opportunity